Project management - Telefonica Konsolidierung

Customer-specific project management between GU and AG, independent site inspections in consultation with Telefonica, ZTE and our partner GUs, implementation planning of mobile stations on new standards of Telefonica and according to BNetzA requirements, construction drawing with statics, remote search, documentation.

PROJEKT: LTE Expansion and consolidation of Telefonica and E-Plus locations


  • ms-CNS Communication Network Solutions GmbH Austria (GU)
  • IRIS Telecommunication GmbH (GU)
  • EQOS Energie Deutschland GmbH (GU)
  • ERICSSON Deutschland (GU)


Following the merger of the two mobile operators Telefónica and E-Plus the strongest customer in the German market lays now also its radio networks together. By merging the suplly arises trough a denser network especially in buildings. In rural areas Customers whose previous network didn´t offer UMTS coverage now have the advantage tht they can automatically use the other network if available. The UMTS networks in Germany continue to be the “workhorses” of the Mobile infrastructure that carrys the largest amount of data. Also the Federal Network Agency currently sees UMTS as the main carrier of Data traffic. NATIV EPS GmbH in Germany is responsible for planning the new LTE generation with its partners. At the same time, the project will take place in consolidation of E-Plus and Telefonica Infrastructures, held on shared sites. With the external project managers of our customers, we form a professional link between the contract partners, with the aim of completing the project qualitatively, cost-efficiently and on schedule in the interests of all parties. Nativ EPS ws there from the start. Due to our central location and qualified staff we are active throughout Europe.