1. Site Management and Project Management

As a construction and project manager in building construction, plant construction and mobile phone construction, we strive to carry out the realization of your construction site efficiently and to integrate efficient project management into the project while complying with the cost, schedule and quality specifications. We advise and accompany our customers and partners from the first contract negotiation, through implementation, to implementation.

In cooperation with our customers’ project staff, it is our goal to ensure a smooth and constant process in the project. From the site inspection, organization, construction site set-up, implementation and acceptance, to documentation, we are your partner in the project.

  • Accompanying and advising on contract negotiations
  • Identification of resources and goals in the project
  • Experience and company portfolio in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe
  • Introduction of project-related project management
  • Mediation and price negotiation with subcontractors
  • Quality
  • Construction site inspection and logging
  • Government Management
  • Construction site organization and construction site monitoring
  • Construction scheduling
  • SiGeKo services
  • Acceptance and documentation

2. PCivil Construction and Reconstruction

With a team of qualified experts, the NATIV Group carries out shell construction and renovation services in various European countries. We specialize in the construction and renovation of real estate / luxury properties and industrial halls. Thanks to our wide range of business, we are able to create energy-efficient, intelligent and connected objects according to our customers’ requirements.

As a strong team with many years of experience, we attach great importance to high quality, full customer satisfaction and an open and honest customer relationship, because only mutual trust can be the cornerstone of a meaningful partnership.

3. Telecommunication and Electrical Services

In addition to our technical maintenance and repairs, we are your partner for new construction, large-scale projects or renovations in building and plant construction. We cover a wide range of assembly and electrical services.

The business field of classic electrical installations has changed a lot in recent years. We combine new topics and customer requirements, such as interlocking topics, especially from the building services sector, e.g. fire protection, communication (indoor and outdoor supply), government and fire brigade radio, electromobility, KNX and smart home, such as autonomously controlled machines and productions, in one company.

As an international company, we work internationally with various manufacturers of KNX and smart home systems, as well as with international technology suppliers and companies from the telecommunications industry, e.g. ERICSSON. Our international team is very familiar with the European and national standards of the countries.

In Germany, we are an officially tested and approved company in government radio.

In recent years, the NATIV Group has established itself as a reliable partner in 4G and 5G mobile communications expansion, both outdoors and indoors. With a Europe-wide focus, we supply our customers with everything ranging from a single source, technical feasibility study, to planning building permits, to execution, documentation, and maintenance.