NATIV Engineering & Property Services GmbH is a trusted partner for developing, organizing, and implementing projects.

We have been operating in the project management and construction space for a long time. We support you in the implementation and execution of new and existing projects. We collaborate with you and are committed to your interests and goals.

The integration of hardware and software, and databases project tools of our customers and partners into our system enables us to meet the expectations and delight customers. We prioritize discretion and data security when restructuring the existing corporate structures to ensure optimal project efficiency.

We offer diverse project management and construction services, including structural, plant, and mobile phone construction. We deliver successful projects with our planning, construction management, implementation, and documentation expertise.

1. Site Management

We specialize in external site management, including structural, plant, and mobile phone construction. We endeavor to construct the site efficiently while adhering to the cost, deadline, and quality specifications. We will partner with you in end-to-end project management from the site inspection, organization, site set-up, implementation, and acceptance to documentation.

  • Site inspection and logging
  • Construction time planning
  • Authority management
  • Resource determination, construction site organization, and construction site monitoring
  • SiGeKo services
  • Acceptance and documentation

2. Project Management

We specialize in integrating functioning project management into new and existing projects. We collaborate with our customers and partners throughout the process, ranging from first contract negotiation, through implementation, to implementation. We ensure smooth and constant flow in the project.

  • Experience and company portfolio in Southern and Eastern Europe
  • Accompanying and advising on contract negotiations
  • Project-related support of internal resources
  • Introduction of a project-related project management
  • Determination of resources and goals in the project
  • Mediation and price negotiation with subcontractors
  • Quality management

3. Construction and Electrical Services

Apart from helping you with technical maintenance and repairs, we partner for new construction, major projects, or building and plant construction renovations. We provide complete assembly and electrical services.

Over the years, the business field of classic electrical installations has evolved a lot with new topics and customer requirements, including overlapping topics, particularly from the TGA area. Our key offerings in this space include B. Fire protection, communication (indoor and outdoor supply), authorities and fire brigade radio, electromobility, KNX, and smart home, including autonomously controlled machines and productions.

We are a global company working with various international manufacturers of KNX and smart home systems and international technology suppliers and companies from the telecommunications industry, like B Ericsson. Our international team is very familiar with the European and national standards of the countries.

In Germany, we are an officially tested and approved company in government radio.

In recent years, the NATIV Group has established itself as a reliable partner in 4G and 5G mobile communications expansion, both outdoors and indoors. With a Europe-wide focus, we supply our customers with everything ranging from a single source, technical feasibility study, to planning building permits, to execution, documentation, and maintenance.