Study practice at NATIV

The NATIV Engineering & Propery Services GmbH ist partnered with the Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg. We enable our personnel and new members with potential a opurtunity to do a in-service training. We are securing the youth and educate them in cooparation with the DHBW within 3 years to be qualified for the tasks of tomorrow. The integration of theory and practice conveys a profound knowledge of the subject and methods, but also a high level of action and social competence. We are securing highly qualified junior employees that know your Firm.

In addition we offer our personnell the oportunit to a correspondence degree course of study at the AKAD Univerity to ensure our staff can stay flexible and have the best education possible.

NATIV EPS – Engineering & Property Services GmbH is a certified by the IHK and recognized training company according to the Vocational Training Act. As a qualified engineering firm we are eager to pass our expertise to the engenieers of tomorrow.