Site inspection

Bauwerkspr├╝fung nach DIN 1076 und Organisation der Mangelbeseitigung

PROJECT: Site inspection of engineering structures, tower constructions, antenna systems and
building equipment.


  • Deutsche Funkturm GmbH und andere Funkanlagenberteiber (builder)
  • Private clients and industrial companies (builder)
  • STRABAG Property and Facility Services GmbH (GU)
  • ISS World Germany GmbH (GU)


Antenna beams on roofs, but also on towers and masts require, due to their size, technology and personality a special level of maintenance management. Our engineers and professionals have the experience and the special know-how, to join the economically sensible with the technically possible and the legally necessary. On behalf of STRABAG PFS, NATIV EPS GmbH does visual inspections of antenna beams and controls of all safety devices. The portfolio also includes the legally required engineering tests, such as
verification of stability and construction of platform and footing.