NATIV Engineering & Property Services GmbH is your partner for complex projects.

Our project management and engineering encompass building construction, civil engineering, plant engineering and mobile communications. We are experts in planning, construction management, realization and documentation of your projects.

A common togetherness and professional advice for our customers is our guide. As a freelance and independent engineering firm, we are always eager to serve our customers and offer the best solutions.

NATIV Engineering & Property Services GmbH was founded 2012 by Vlatko Gavranic who is a freelancer Civil engineer.

Today the NATIV Team consists of epmloyees in three european branches. From individual engineering firms, Mr. Wozniak(Poland), Mr.Stojakovic(Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Mr.Gavranic(Germany) the NATIV gruop was found in 2018 with a mutual code of ethics.

As the Nativ group we strive to acquire new markets and be a reliable knowledge-based service provider for our customers. Together with our employees and our know-how, our goal is to fulfill the requirements of our customers and partners.