1. Planning Communikation Systems

We aim to connect everything in urban, rural, and workplaces globally.

NATIV EPS GmbH is a trusted partner for the planning, implementation, and documentation of mobile radio systems. We specialize in system planning for communications technology and offer complete services and solutions for the entire portfolio.

With extensive experience in planning and construction management, we have become a renowned name in the mobile phone market. NATIV EPS GmbH offers a comprehensive range of services in communication technology.

Our team of engineers, structural engineers, and draftsmen with Auto-CAD plan detailed mobile radio systems GSM, GSM-R, UMTS, LTE, and radio link for the realization of a roof, mast, indoor, tunnel, and DB mobile radio locations.

The 5G technology has helped the NATIV Group herald a new era of industrialization and telecommunications. We are an engineering office for mobile phone systems empowering customers with a Europe-wide focus.

2. Civil Engineering

We are rigorously working in the engineering space by offering project-related external engineering and drafting services to leading engineering and architect offices.

Our civil engineering offerings include various products for classic structural planning, like steel constructions in plant and building construction.

  • Site inspections, feasibility studies, photomontages with documentation
  • Individual development, planning, and construction of steel components
  • Project planning with Auto-CAD
  • Consulting, conception, building applications, and authority management
  • GRP cladding for individual buildings
  • Architectural drawings in building construction
  • Unique steel structures and statics from a single source
  • Mast construction from NATIV
  • Static feasibility analysis for buildings and steel structures
  • Acceptance and documentation

NATIV EPS GmbH plans and constructs individual steel for building, plant, and mobile phone construction. Our construction team has access to an extensive steel construction database, which is constantly updated and expanded from time to time which helps us construct add-on structures, steel girder elements, or tubular steel masts. Our steel construction program also includes the integration of standard external components. Our close collaboration with structural engineers helps us handle projects from a single source.