Thanks to pur qualified teams and wide positioned field of work in the area of ENGINEERING, it´s possible for us to solve most of the challanges we are faced.

Experinece know-how and the latest tools enable us to take responsibility in projekts in wich we work with costumers hand in hand to develop solutions for trendsetting industries. We are able to support your Projekt from the beginning to the end, that includes the help to develop a strategy, construction management, realization, examination and maintenance or repairs.

NATIV EPS GmbH provides its entire infrastructure for your project and enables you to concentrate solely on your core business.

1. Planning Communikation Systems

Being connecten everywhere anytime is required in a global world.

NATIV EPS GmbH is your partner for planning, realization and dokumentation when it comes to mobile communication systems.

We are able to offer you services and solutions to the whole portfolio whene it comes to System planning and communication technology, wich builds our core business.

Thanks to years of experience in the field of planning and construction management we were able to manifest our position in the communication market.

NATIV EPS-GmbH offer our costumers a vareity of services in the area of mobile communication.

To realise roof-, pole-, indoor-, tunnel- and DB- mobile communication sites, parts like GSM, GSM-R, UMTS, LTE as well as beam radio are beeing detail planned by our engineers, stress analysts and draftsman with the Auto-CAD programm.

The NATIV group has started a new are with industrialization of the mobile communication and 5G network in the company.

As an engineering firm we stand reliable aside our customers our europ-wide focus and cross-national facilitys.

2. Civil Engineering

In the field of engineering we offer external projekt-related engineer and draftsman services for architect- or engineering firms.

For the classic planning of structural frameworks like steel constructions in high-building and plant construction, our civil engineering has a wide range of own products that we offer our costumers.

  • Site inspection, feasibility analysis, photomontage with documentation
  • Consultation, conception, building applications and authority management
  • Project planning with Auto-CAD
  • Construction drawings for high-building
  • Individual steel constructions and stress analysis in our own firm.
  • Stress feasibility analysis for buildings and steel parts
  • Individuell development, planning and construction of steel parts
  • Tower building in our own firm
  • GFK claddings for individual builds
  • Approval for documents and drafts

NATIV EPS GmbH plans and constructs individual steel structures for high-, plant- and mobil buildings. Additional constructions like steel beams or steel pipe masts are deposited in a steelwork databease wich is regulary updated and our constructors and engineers have accsess to. The integration of external standart components is contained in our steelwork programm. Close coorporation with our analysts eneables us to finsih projekts in our own firm.