LTE Rollout Germany

Site inspection and inventory, implementation and planning of mobile stations, Request for derogation, exemption, exception in residential areas, application for construction, design drawing and structural design, remote site search, inventory planning and documentation.

PROJECT: LTE Rollout Germany


  • Deutsche Funkturm GmbH und Deutsche Telekom AG (builder)
  • Vodafone Deutschland GmbH (builder)
  • Telefonica Germany O2 AG (builder)
  • ERICSSON Germany GmbH (vendor)
  • FFUCHS Europoles GmbH (GU/ tower builder)
  • R+S solutions GmbH (GU)
  • ms-CNS Communication Network Solutions GmbH Austria (GU)
  • EQOS Energie Deutschland GmbH (GU)
  • COMCROSS GmbH & Co.KG (GU)


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a fourth-generation (4G standard) wireless communication standard with up to 150 – 300 Mbit per second and significantly higher download and upload rates. Shortly after Licensing the NATIV EPS GmbH was and still is, a reliable partner in the realization planning and project preparation, for the general contractors and network operators in germany. The NATIV EPS GmbH today is a certified Vodafone A1 engineering office with clearance for mast sites on behalf of Vodafone.