1. Structural Inspections

NATIV EPS GmbH has experienced civil engineers, structural engineers, and external partners. We help our customers and partners with diverse topics in building inspections. This enables us to deliver complete solutions for structural damage and occupational safety from a single source so that they can focus on their core business.

  • Structural inspections, documentation
  • Creation of logs for required maintenance and repair work
  • Structural analysis, building inspection, and building analysis
  • Certified building inspection according to DIN 1076.
  • Testing of steel constructions for plant and mobile radio constructions

2. Maintenance

NATIV EPS GmbH also provides its customers and partners with technicians to assemble and disassemble concrete and steel construction elements. We offer highly flexible deployment options for removing defects, maintenance, repairs, or conversions. Our technical building management experience helps us become the most suitable partner for new construction and expansion of technical building equipment.

  • Supervision of objects and technical systems in building and plant construction
  • Maintenance and repair of building structures, system, and telecommunications installations
  • Maintenance and repair of TGA
  • Provision of fitters, technicians, and electricians
  • Night operations in tunnels and TVT operations in tunnels of Deutsche Bahn