Considering the rapidly and increasingly complex growth of the facility managemen market, the Nativ Eps GmbH made it its task to consult customer and partners professionaly within our own firm.

Facility management is an ongoing analysis and optimization of cost-relevant operations around building- and technical plants, facilitys and services performed by your company that aren´t part of the core business.

We value the importance of the facility management as a supportive role, so facilitis are running sustainable and economical.

Nativ Eps Gmbh has a coorporation with the Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg. Our facility managers are reciving in house training wich enables them to be alway on paar with the newest technoligies.

1. Structural Inspections

NATIV EPS GmbH covers with its team of engineers, stress analysts and subcontractors a wide veritity in the field of site inspection, wich our customers can profit from. We are able to offer our customers and partners complete solutions regarding site damage and work safety from a single source, so our customers can focus on their core business.

  • Site inspection and documentation
  • Examination of steel constructions regarding plant- and mobile connection builds
  • Stress analysis, site analysis
  • Maintenance and repair works
  • Creation of protocols for the required maintenance and repair works
  • Certified building inspection according to DIN 1076.

2. Real Estate Management

When it comes to FACILITY MANAGEMENT, NATIV EPS GmbH offers a service, wich is occupied with building management and marketing. We specialize in 2 out of 3 services regarding structure management. Thanks to our know.how in other fields of work we are able to master most of the challanges we face.

Services around the technical facility management:

  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Energie management
  • Information management
  • Modernization
  • Observation of technical guarantee

Services around commercial facility management:

  • Property accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Contract management
  • Controlling
  • Reporting
  • Operating cost management
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing of real estate and property

3. Maintenance

NATIV EPS GmbH offers its customer and partners technicians for assembly-, dismantiling- work of cocnret- and steel parts. Our team ist flexible and can help you in multiple areas such as remedy , maintenance, repairs or alterations. Thanks to our experience, we are your partner regarding new site and technical builds.

  • Property and technical facility management in the building and plant constructionsector
  • Maintainance and repairs of TGA
  • Maintenance and repairs of construction sites , system and mobile stations
  • Nighttime operations in tunnels and maintenance train operations for the Deutsche Bahn
  • Provision of auxiliaries, engineering and electric personel